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Welcome to Blue Chitta

Get ready to live the adventure of a lifetime! At Blue Chitta our mission is to facilitate your underwater journey on a single breath and allow you to experience your full body and mind potential! Through Yoga, Meditation and Breath Control, we create life-changing  Yoga and Freediving trainings in Israel, Egypt and Bali ! We offer courses, trainings and retreats all over the world and you are invited!

About Blue Chitta

We are traveling junkies, Yoga teachers, Freediving instructors, scuba-divers and underwater photographers traveling the world for a decade now, sharing our passion for the ocean & using the yogic principles to unlock our infinite potential as human beings.  We bring you on the journey that changed our lives and we know it will change yours too! Freediving & Yoga is your opportunity to connect with yourself but also with nature and all living beings on this planet, past, present and future.

What They Said About Us

I did it! A 3-minute breath hold underwater! And apparently that’s just the beginning! Thank you, Ariel Kedmi, for a wonderful course! It was truly amazing to learn what’s possible in my own body. I absolutely loved it and have a feeling that I’ll be wanting to go deeper at some point :). – Maria Shibaeva Hykin, Cozumel

Best part of my trip to Panama was taking the free dive course taught by Ariel and Gabrielle! Absolutely incredible free diving where we met active meditation with the serenity of what’s at depth. Totally hooked! – Ryan, Bocas del Toro

A group of friends and I went to Cozumel and we took our Free Diving, level 1 certification with Blue Chitta. Ariel was an incredible teacher. We all lived an experience of a lifetime and could not believe going so deep in the water without a tank. When he brought us for an apnea adventure after our free diving certification, we were able to enjoy a much better and deeper underwater experience. – Nadia, Cozumel