I know for a fact that through the yoga and breath control we can change our patterns of reactions, we can choose trust over fear, we can make our wildest dreams come true without limiting ourselves and most importantly we can inspire others to do the same. – Gabrielle

For Gabrielle, it all started when she was living in Koh Tao in Thailand. She was working in the scuba diving industry. Whenever she could escape the social gatherings of what they call ”Beer O’clock”, she would run to a Yin Yoga class at the local studio. This became her favorite moment of the day. “I felt quiet, peaceful and I could focus on my own breath”.

At this time she was working with scuba-divers, teaching them how to breathe and how to keep their calm, making sure that they were getting the confidence that they needed to clear their masks underwater, control their buoyancy and complete all the other Padi requirements. She realized that the ocean was bringing fear and anxiety out of a lot of people. She decided to combine what she was learning in yoga to enhance her students experience, to help them release stress and fear and to ensure that they fully benefit from their underwater experience.

She realized that what our world and our societies needed the most was the ability to change their reaction to stress & that the answer to anxiety was right there, in the water, in the breathing & in the experience of yoga. She knew at this point that she wanted to become this inspiring teacher, planting the seed of happiness and the power to find relaxation in stressful situation, to be able to recognize patterns of reaction and to create space between the emotion and the action. She was convinced in this moment, that through breath control, meditation and self-observation, we could make this world a peaceful & happy place.

We all deserve to have the tools and knowledge to be part of a community that has no fear, no limitation and where everyone can live up to their full potential. Not matter where you live, in the city or on a tropical island, you can influence people around you to let go of what is not serving them and give them the tools to influence others.”

Pursuing her dreams, she decided to travel to India where she became a Certified Yoga Teacher. Going back to Koh Tao she eventually became Head Teacher and Manager at the local Yoga Studio offering classes and workshops for all levels. She lived on Koh Tao for 4 years teaching yoga full time but also working as an underwater photographer. In 2014 she decided to leave the island and open her own yoga operation. She went back to Montreal briefly where she founded a Yoga Studio (Yoga Shak Montreal) with the mission of bringing good healing vibes to the people of the city were she was born.

Nomad in the soul she kept travelling and together with Ariel founded BlueChitta ; a Freediving and Yoga operation offering life-changing adventures, blending the wisdom of yoga, the healing powers of breath-control and the love of the Ocean!

Since then, BlueChitta has been offering Freediving & Yoga courses and trainings in Mozambique, Honduras, Mexico, Israel, Bali & Panama!

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