‘’Descending down to the bottom of the sea, holding the breath in, quieting the mind, as I descend deeper into the sea, is an amazing experience’’.- Ariel

Ariel was born in 1984 in a village close to Jerusalem. As a teenager, he spent 7 years practising Krav maga and Martial Arts training as both a student and then as a teacher.  After spending 3 years in the Israeli army in a paratrooper brigade, he became a security guard in the old city where he realized that none of that was who he was or who wanted to be. He packed his bags in 2005 and became a full-time backpacker.

From Israeli to Vancouver Canada, to Thailand and Australia, the road kept on calling Ariel until he got a dream job as a Dive Master on a liverboard crossing the Red Sea from Israel to Egypt, guiding Ocean Safaris and diving some of the best sites in the world!

Ariel, although equipped with survival tools and instinct, was not equipped to overcome the emotional scars and challenges that military life brings upon a soul and that is when Ariel found Yoga.

Yoga was a revelation for him, laying down motionless in silence at the end of the yoga sessions was bringing a unique feeling of inner peace that Ariel was longing for. Even if he was practicing Yoga in bomb shelters transformed into studios, he felt at peace. From that point on, for each destination he would travel to, he would reach out to Yoga teachers.

Ariel eventually went back to Israel to enrol in his first Yoga Teacher Training Course, following the Ashtanga lineage. He then went to the Sunshine House in Greece to study the healing art of Thai Massage. From Ariel’s fighter’s hands, he learned the healing power of compassionate touch and open heart. He went back briefly to Israel to share this new knowledge and started to practice freediving. In Eilat Israel, he met a beautiful inspiring soul ; Gabrielle GQ. Gabrielle was on her way to Koh Tao, in Thailand, and Ariel decided to move there too. This tropical island is where he became a Freediving Instructor with the founders of Apnea Total. For 2 years he was teaching freediving, yoga, acroyoga and giving Thai Massage treatments, gaining experience and sharing his passion with the world.

Gabrielle & Ariel left Thailand together in 2014 to open their own freediving and yoga operation. They flew to Mozambique where they took people diving with humpback whales, whalesharks, sharks, dolphins and manta rays! Together they were managing a diveshop offering Padi Scuba-Diving, Ocean Safaris, Freediving & Yoga.

Blue Chitta was born.