For both, Gabrielle and Ariel, living next to the ocean was a life changing experience.

”When we where thinking of a name for our project, we wanted the name to be relevant to all we do: Yoga or Free diving, Thai massage or Acroyoga.  We looked for a name that would incorporate all our life as we live it”.

The meaning of Blue Chitta


Blue joins our life at sea and our passion for the ocean.   The openness, the vastness , where nothing stops your eyes to see the horizon.  The changing colors of the water with the sunrises and sunsets.  The fact we could walk barefoot where ever we go and the infinite sand with all its forms.

The fisherman and the people that we meet, that like us, chose to live a life of Freedom.

With everything we experience as divers and free divers during our travels, we dance with small fishes, with the biggest whales alive, with turtles and impressive sharks.  The amazing breath taking world of corals, all alive, all vibrating.

The sea can be calm and it can be rough. It can be inviting or can push you away. The sea reflects our emotions and feelings, thoughts and actions.

We gave ourselves to the ocean and it gave us its wonders in return.


if you thought that the ocean is vast. Chitta is our infinite mind.  Our conscious mind, and the great subconscious mind. Everything we do, feel, think, all our memories and actions are arising from CHITTA. It’s like the ground floor of our existence.

The word itself comes from Sanskrit (the ancient Hindu languish that the Yoga Sutras are written in). The most known term in yoga is “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” , which refers to the stilling of the mind, in order to experience the Ultimate reality.

When our thoughts are calm and our mind is tranquil, we can move towards self realization or better said, to experience life as it is, as reality. So we clean our lenses (thoughts and emotion ) which we use to see the world through, with out labeling experiences as good or bad, mine or yours.  When there are no fluctuations, we experience ONENESS, or union with all.

Both yoga, free diving and Thai massage, are designed to bring us there through practice.   We are consciously working to still our mind. We are focusing on the present moment, with the realization that we cannot control anything else than our own  experience at that moment. The more we try to control things that are out of our control, the more resistance and suffering arises. The more we observe and develop the focus, surrendering the desire to control and develop our ability to observe, reflect and contemplate.

And so. Our life quest continues.