3 freediving yogis in the Blue Hole

May 5-11th Freediving and Yoga Trip Egypt – Dahab Blue Hole

Join Blue Chitta and Freediving Israel in Sinai for our next trip to Dahab and Ras Abu Galum and enjoy 7 days of Yoga and Freediving training or courses!

This trip is for anyone wanting to deepen their freediving and yoga practice or simply to freedive in some of the most beautiful underwater heritages of this world! This is your chance to freediving 3 times in the famous Dahab Blue Hole and to freedive the lush reef of sinai including drift and wall freediving! If you are already a certified freediver you can come and simply enjoy training with us, if you would like to start or continue your freediving education our team will also be teaching courses in the Blue Hole! The group will be leaving from Eilat border crossing since this is where our school is located and also where a lot of very cheap flights are landing from Europe (VDA airport) but if you would like to join us in Dahab this is also possible!


You can choose to include as much or as little as you want! Some of our packages include airport or Taba Border pick up, visa, food, accommodation, courses and equipment! Other packages let you choose only the freediving and yoga sessions (for Dahab’s locals)! You can join us for 2 days / 5 days / 7 days! Contact us to start planing your perfect training camp!

Your chance to experience new depth!

The location

Dahab is known to be the Meca for Freediving for its proximity to the famous Blue Hole of Egypt and many breath taking Reefs. We will be staying in a beautiful Resort by the Red Sea, steps away from the most beautiful reef of Dahab! Room here are beautiful, including private bathroom with hot water. You can choose a private room or share with 1 or 2 more persons. The Resort also serves delicious vegetarian and non-veg food and offers a beautiful seaview Yoga terrace!

Ras Abu Galum  is a small bedouin village only reachable by boat or camel, walking distance from the famous Blue Lagoon and 5 minutes boat ride from the Blue Hole! Here it is the perfect place to retreat and enjoy a simple life, eat good food, watch the stars and dive a reef that is still raw, full of coral and fishes! Here there is no wifi, no television and very little distraction so that you can immersion yourself completely in your freediving and yoga journey! We will be staying in typical bedouin houses (Rucha), directly on the beach. Shower is cold water and toilets are shared.

Ras Abu Galum

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