Oct 27 – Nov 2 2019 – Freediving and Yoga Camp Egypt – Dahab Blue Hole

Join Blue Chitta and Freediving Israel in Sinai for our next trip to Dahab and Ras Abu Galum! Enjoy 7 days of Yoga and Freediving transformational training and courses!

This trip is for anyone wanting to deepen their freediving and yoga practice or simply freedive in some of the most beautiful underwater heritages of this world! This is your chance to freediving in the famous Dahab Blue Hole and some of the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea! The aim of this camp is to use yoga as a transformational tool to incorporate into your feediving practice and your everyday life.

This week is an immersion into a world of mindfulness, exploring the power of your breath, the silence of your mind and the potential of your body.