The Red Sea - Israel

Freediving Courses in the crystal clear water of Eilat

Freediving Courses all levels available all year long in the beautiful crystal clear waters of Eilat, Israel! High chances of seing and playing with dolphins while completing your certification! Daily Yoga Classes and Underwater Pictures are also available and highly recommended!

Bali Yoga & Freediving Retreat

Learn to free your mind and awaken your soul in this freediving and yoga immersions. This is an all-inclusive formula that will allow you to disconnect completely from your everyday life and soak in the beauty and the calmness of the ocean. A journey within yourself, where freediving and yoga meet to cleanse your soul, open your mind and bring inner peace and empowerment. Next Retreat in Bali : 4 days or 8 days




Freediving Training & Fun Dives

  1. Coached dive on the line 
  2. Fun Dive on the reef or the wreck 
  3. Training dive on the line
  4. Surf Survival Course 
  5. Intro to Freediving 
  6. Static Apnea Clinic


We teach various styles of Yoga including traditional Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama, Vinyasa & Yin. All of our sessions are open to beginners and advanced students.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage Treatment

With Ariel Kedmi