Freediving and Yoga Retreats are set for 2020! We had such great success with the retreats of 2019 that we decided to go back to Bali and Egypt in 2020 for some more! We are also planing a Freediving & Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas for fall 2020! We are very happy to be collaborating with Freedive Israel and Yoga Shak Montreal  to join forces with some of our favorite freediving and yoga instructors! 

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The retreats are aiming to use yoga, meditation and breath-work to maximize your freediving abilities. We truly believe that depth is only a side effect of how relaxed and comfortable you are, which means we work a lot on being able to release and relax using the breath to stimulate the relaxation response of the nervous system. 


Freediving & Yoga

What kind of breathing do we teach ? We teach a lot of different breathing, some of them are meant to be used right before you freedive, this is what we call a Breahe Up. The breathe up goal is to slow down the heart beat, balance the levels of O2/CO2, relax the body and focus the mind. Other breathing exercices are meant to be practice on dry as a form of training. Those exercices are aiming to keep your breathing muscles strong and flexible so that your body adapts more easily to the increasing pressure as you will start to freedive deeper, reducing the risks of injuries. We also teach breathing exercices that work on CO2 tolerance so that your freedives will be more and more comfortable.

What kind of Yoga do we teach ? We are trained in Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. So we teach all of the above. But we also integrate notions that are highly beneficial for freedivers. This includes meditation, pranayama, lung stretching and visualisation. Our classes are a unique blend of all that we have learned both in the worlds of yoga and freediving.

Why Dahab and Bali ? Because after traveling the world for a decade there is no doubt for us that those 2 places are the absolute best for freedivers and yogis! Dahab offer the best freediving conditions ; incredible visibility, beautiful underwater life, no current and barely any waves. It is a perfect spot to learn freediving but also very popular for freediving athletes because of the famous Blue Hole, which is only 50 meters from shore (easy swim) and 92 meters deep – so amazing to reach new depth without having to use a boat. Bali also offers a magical underwater playground easily accessible without using a boat and offering warm waters filled with aquatic life. Bali is a very sacred island that instantly felt special and homie for us. The people are happy, simple, always ready to help. The food is delicious, fresh, local, healthy and vegan friendly. And the resort where we keep going back year after year is a real jewel. Basically both Bali and Dahab are paradise for hosting yoga and freediving retreats.

Freediving and Yoga Retreats Dahab and Bali