Freediving and Yoga Retreat in Bali > Discover your true potentiel in this unique 4 days all-inclusive Yoga and Freediving Retreat by the Sea led by Gabrielle GQ & Natalie Rudman   March 1-5 2019. You will be breathing a lot ; exploring various pranayama that can be applied both in the practice of Yoga and Freediving, connecting your mind and body through Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flows, eating delicious local vegan/vegetarian food and learn how to explore the ocean on a single breath!


Our Host Bali Beach Resort > This is your wildest dream coming true! Imagine a beautiful resort by the sea, built in harmony with nature and offering a beautiful sea view yoga shala decorated with wild flowers and precious stones ! The owner is a passionate yogini so she knows how to make every yogis feel at home!  You have the choice of staying in a very simple single room with shared bathroom or a delightful double room (2 twin beds or 1 double) with private bathroom and sea view terrace. 

The Resort also offers a pool, a restaurant and a private path to the beach and into the valley. The ocean here is quiet, warm and has a colourful reef right in from of the resort! 3 vegan/vegetarian meals / day are included, made with love with local organic ingredients. 

Your Instructors 

Gabrielle GQ is a World Class Freediving instructor and Yoga Teacher. She is co-founder of Yoga Shak Montreal and BlueChitta. She is an eternal traveller, a passionate yogini and she makes a point of sharing her love for the ocean everywhere she goes! She has been teaching yoga and freediving in Mozambique, Israel, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Panama and now Bali! More about Gabrielle…

Natalie Rudman is not just a yoga Teacher, Natalie is an ambassador for the ocean and the South African Freediving National Record Holder.  “Yoga to me is about connecting to our true nature and sometimes it’s on the Yoga mat that you can find that connection and sometimes it’s in the ocean, forest or on a long beach walk that we can connect.”  More about Natalie…

The Freediver Course

Learn how to explore the ocean on a single breath. Did you know that we are naturally aquatic beings ? Like other sea mammals, when we dive underwater our bodies change through a series of reflexes and adaptations allowing us to stay underwater longer and more comfortably. In the freediving course you will learn various breathing exercices that will enable you to prepare mentally and physically before and after you dive, you will learn all the safety and rescue procedures and explore the physiology of the breath-hold. After completing the course you will be an Apnea Total Certified Freediver, and have all the tools to dive safely to up to 21 meters

Fun FreeDives – After completing the course we will take you to our favorite freediving spots including the famous Liberty Wreck, which is full of life, tropical fishes, colourful coral and swim thoughts ! 

Do I have to take the freediving course? We highly recommend that all participants take the full freediving journey with us but we also offer the option to take only the first day of the freediving course (Intro to Freediving). So if you feel like you want to be part of this but not convinced that freediving is for you (yet), you can choose to focus on the yoga, pranayama and meditation side of this retreat. 

If you already are a certified freediver you can join us for training or you can choose to continue to the advanced course! 

”Trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float” – Alan Watts

 – Picture Gabrielle GQ at The Liberty Wreck


4 days Freediving & Yoga Certification > 680usd per person for a beautiful seaview shared room (2 people / room) || 680usd for a single room (shared bathroom) || 780usd for beautiful seaview private room

What’s included :

    •  4 nights in the beautiful beach resort
    • 3 vegan meals per day (except 1 day fasting)
    •  3 Freediving Open Water Sessions
    • Freediver Course and Certification
    • All freediving Equipement 
    • All Yoga Equipment 
    • Dives on the local reef and the Liberty Wreck
    • Static Apnea Clinic (theory & pool) 
    • Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes

What’s not included :

AirFare and Transport to/from Balila Beach Resort (We can recommend cheap and professional drivers if needed)

Bali Massage also available

SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW > send us a message via to fill the sign up form, ask all your questions and complete payment!