There are so many yoga retreats going on around the world and it can sometimes be hard to choose from so many options! This is why we decided to create what we think is the Best Yoga Retreat Ever!

  1. The beach –  Close your eyes and picture a beautiful turquoise sea with a blue sky, a sandy beach, coconut trees and lush vegetation….this is where we are going! Our yoga retreat is happening on the beach, steps away from a beautiful turquoise water where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle-board & freedive! It is private, clean and quiet, perfect for morning meditation, to practice handstands in the sand or to play with your new acroyoga buddies! This area is protected and full of wild life including tropical fishes, dolphins, monkeys, sloths & red frogs! Just a few deep breaths taken on this beautiful beach is enough to make you feel enlighten!


  1. The Perfect Yoga Shala– The yoga shala is a sacred space and we believe we discovered the best yoga shala on Earth! This shala is an open air space allowing you to breathe the fresh breeze from the ocean but covered with a rooftop to give you shade and protection from the heat of the sun during your practice! It is surrounded by exotic palm trees providing us with a great amount of Oxygen to breathe and keeping the ambient air nice and fresh. Even if we keep our awareness inwards when practicing yoga, it’s always nice to enjoy a good view while practicing and this space offers a spectacular view on the turquoise sea as well as on the lush vegetation allowing you to feel connected to both water and earth elements!


  1. Balance between Practicing and Relaxing -Because resting is also part of training, we made sure you had a lot of yoga but also enough free time to just relax! In your free time you can enjoy the entire facilities of the lodge for free, this includes the beach slackline, the kayaks, the paddles boards, the hammocks & more! You can also choose to simply relax on the beach or read a book! Once again it’s all about listening to your body and choosing to do what’s good for you!


  1. Workshops to deepen your practice -The curriculum of this retreat is very complete, we will offer daily morning meditation followed by a dynamic vinyasa flow to wake up and energize the body. In the afternoon, we will also be offering a series of workshops on various subjects including breath control & pranayama, asana labs, inversions & arm balances, acroyoga, the energetic body, how to develop your own practice & more! Our workshops will help you take your yoga practice to the next level. Our goal is for you to develop a daily practice, to learn something new everyday and to share good vibes with the people around you!


  1. Eco Tourism -Because we are practicing ”Ahimsa” (non-violence) it is very important for us to encourage sustainable tourism. This is why we chose a local Eco-Lodge that is working in harmony with nature. Using only rain water and solar energy for power, following a plastic free policy, offering vegan meals and working on various conservation projects with the local community, Palmar Lodge is a place where you can enjoy your holidays by the sea without polluting or compromising the local eco-systems!Book Our Yoga Retreat Today: