The Red Sea - Israel

Freediving Courses in the crystal clear water of Eilat

From July to November we will be offering freediving courses and training in the Red Sea of Eilat, Israel! This is one of our favorite spot ever and we make a point of coming back every summer to freedive in what we consider the best diving spot on the planet!

Bali Yoga & Freediving Retreat

6 days of Freediving & Yoga 

Join Gabrielle GQ & Natalie Rudman November 11-17th for a retreat blending pranayama, meditation, vinyasa, yin and FREEDIVING courses and training!

Where ? Balila Beach Resort

With who ? Your chance to become a certified freediver with 2 inspiring women, Natalie Rudman; a senior yoga teacher and National Record Holder in Freediving for South Africa and Gabrielle GQ head yoga teacher and co-founder at Blue Chitta. Together they offer you a unique way to learn more about your breath and the underwater world in a reatreat blending pranayama, meditation, yoga and freediving!

What’s included ? Basically everything! 6 nights at Balila Beach Resort in a single room (shared bath) or double room (private bath) + 3 vegan meals per day, 2 yoga sessions everyday including ”Yoga for freedivers” in our breath-taking sea-view shala, 5 water sessions including the Freediver Course Certification (21meters), diving on the famous Liberty Wreck and on the local Reef (you will see more fishes here than you can ever dream of…), Static Apnea Clinic ; discover how long you can hold your breath and all the magic of the Kumbhaka from a yogic point of view + all freediving and yoga equipment is included too!

What’s not included ? Your flight ticket and transport to Balila Beach Resort ; but we can give you our connection for cheap and amazing drivers (about 60$/car from the airport).

Price : Regular Pricing starts at 1150usd but you can get 200$ off if you book right NOW directly through us !


Freediving Training & Fun Dives

  1. Coached dive on the line : 65$
  2. Fun Dive on the reef or the wreck : 50$
  3. Fun Dive on the line : 50$
  4. Surf Survival Course : 150$
  5. Intro to Freediving :  175$
  6. Static Apnea Clinic : 120$


We teach various styles of Yoga including traditional Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama, Vinyasa & Yin. All of our sessions are open to beginners and advanced students.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage Treatment

With Ariel Kedmi

65$ for 75min